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Brave men

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EBD (AWANA Clubs) 

A place where your children will learn Biblical principles with an appropriate and understandable language for their respective ages. All teachers go through a background check to ensure that your children will be in the company of good people. Our teachers are trained and equipped with essential materials for effective teaching. Here your children will be with friendly people who strive to offer them the best in Christian education. Here your children are our priority.​

Women's Ministry

Valuable woman in a ministry where there is always a place for those who seek to know the Lord more through communion with other sisters who have their hearts in God. A special place also for those who do not know God, but who have the desire to know him better. We guarantee that you will be greatly blessed at each meeting. We invite you to learn a little more about God's love through meetings that will fill you with peace and joy. Your life will be changed and you will know that God has called you to be a VALUABLE WOMAN. 

​Worship Ministry

A worship with contemporary and contagious music for the soul; an anointed ministration and, most importantly, that touches the heart of God.  At each service the Holy Spirit brings something new from God causing us to prostrate ourselves before His holiness and majesty. He is Holy and deserves all honor and glory. Come adore the one who is good, just and faithful. We invite you to come join us in worshiping the heavens. Here we are waiting for you!

Young Adult Ministry

In construction...

​JNI - Youth Ministry

We are a generation passionate about Jesus, whom we love and serve with all our hearts. We want to be an instrument in God's hands so that everyone knows His love. Every Wednesday we meet for our Bible study in the youth style without losing the anointing and direction of what God wants to do in the midst of young people. We are a RADICAL GENERATION because of the one who first loved us: Jesus Christ.

*JYouth Nazarenes International (NYI) - Called to make a difference.


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