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Pastor since January 2001 and Minister of Praise since his youth, Pastor Haroldo Moraes praises God for His mighty hand and for the care He has given to His Church. He was pastor of the Congregational Church in Houston and of the First Portuguese Church of the Nazarene of South Texas: the Gospel Community of the Nazarene. His great passion is to preach the Word of God and help people in their needs.

Pastor Haroldo has been married to his lovely wife Gloria Moraes since 1988. They have a beautiful daughter named Gabriela, which means "sent from God." Pastor Gloria is his great support in the ministry and in his personal life, as is Gabriela, who is a leader of the praise ministry, a teacher at AWANA Clubs, and Director of Social Communication Media for the church.

Some words from the pastor:

"I will always put all my strength so that everyone can know the love of God, because I know what He can do for anyone. I will never rest or stop doing what is the reason for my life: Adoring the Lord Jesus and sharing with everyone about Him."​​​​​​​​

For more information, please contact Pastor Haroldo Moraes by e-mail or by phone.


"It will be a great pleasure to be contacted by you and to be able to meet you personally."

Pastor Haroldo Moraes​

Office - (281)897-0300

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